All About Jodhpuri Suits

All About Jodhpuri Suits

Story Behind the ever first Jodhpuri Suit

The development of first ever Jodhpuri suit was “accidental !”. OK! Got shocked from the very first line the article, well me too was shocked after I researched on the topic.

The design of first ever Jodhpuri suit was actually due to wardrobe malfunction of Maharaja Pratap Singh of Jodhpur, whose luggage went missing when he was on a tour of England to attend celebrations of Queen Victoria in 1987.

Infact these suits were first popularized by Maharaja Pratap Singh who was an avid polo player on the very same tour.

Maharaja Pratap Singh went to London to attend the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Victoria. The vessel which had Maharaja’s attire disappeared on course of journey. However, Maharaja chose not to wear Western attire for the occasion. He himself designed the new attire and got it stitched from a Savile Row tailor.  When asked what the garments he ordered were called, Maharaja misunderstanding the question replied “Jodhpur”. 

The Maharaja along with his polo team was not only lauded for their performance in the polo matches but also for their ensembles, in the fashion circles.

Jodhpurs as part of military uniforms

Jodhpuris as symbol of luxury and royalty

Since then Jodhpuri suits got attached to aristocracy in India, from fat aristocratic royal weddings in India to formal events “Jodhpuris are considered as a popular “Semi Traditional” indian attire of gentlemen”. From President Kalam, Shivraj Singh Patil, Prime Minister Modi to present Indian nobilities, Royal Jodhpuri suit tops the list in the Indian fashion statement of Aristocratic gentlemen.

The Jodhpuri coat has been adopted by many international designers too, finding its way into the collections of brands such as Canali and ErmenegildoZegna . The Beatles wore matching Jodhpuri Coats for their Shea Stadium concert. It is however extremely popular in India as it denotes luxury due to its need to be custom tailored.

A Jodhpuri is Earned ! 

Resplendent with the splendour and style of the ancient Maharajas, Jodhpuri suits are a paradise for all men. It is sure to give a royal look to anyone wearing it. The Bandhgala Coat comes in various fabrics including premium TR, Wool, Velvet, Jute & Linen. It is an Indian classic that can be worn on any occasion. It is an ideal outfit to display your Indianness. It is imperative to have at least one of the timeless classics in your wardrobe.

The material can be silk or any other suiting material. Normally, the material is lined at the collar and at the buttons with embroidery. This can be plain, jacquard or jamewari material. Normally, the trousers match that of the coat. There is also a trend to wear contrasting trousers to match the coat colour.

At Rajanyas, we look to fuse our traditional spirit with modern day fashion in our designs. To achieve the original look of a Jodhpuri Suit, one needs to be extremely particular about getting the right cut & fit. It should be cut high on the armhole while the jacket should fit like a glove around the chest. This tailored look lends it a modern edge. The length is ideally dictated by the body type. But as a general rule to follow, the length should end just at the root of the thumb. Too long or too short a length will kill the purpose of the well-cut jacket. Our Readymade Jodhpuris are made keeping all these intricate details in mind.


When you order bespoke you know that it was crafted especially for you and is one of kind. At Rajanyas, we believe in creating the perfect outfit for your special occasion.

Tended with a traditional touch to bring out the prince in you, these Jodhpuris are breathtakingly imperial. 

Accessorize to get the most out of your Outfit !

When it comes to creating your very own look, Jodhpuri suits have proven to be the easiest to accessorize. Opt for bejewelled buttons to go with your Jodhpuri to give yourself a Classic look. Handmade buttons made using ancient technique of Meenakari by local artisans are World famous.
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