International Orders Helpdesk Page


  • ”Crafted with Passion in India; loved by men across the USA, Canada, Europe!"
    People abroad love to Order with Rajanyas. This International assistance center has been specially created for you. At Rajanyas, we look to fuse our traditional spirit with modern-day fashion in our designs.
  • To achieve the original look of Indian Ethnics, one needs to be extremely particular about getting the right cut & fit. We Offer BeSpoke services at Lowest Tailoring Rates.
  • When you order Bespoke you know that it was crafted especially for you and is one of kind. At Rajanyas, we believe in creating the perfect outfit for your special occasion.
  • Direct from Factory to your Doorsteps! No Middlemen involved! We make the clothes in our Factory, shipping directly to customers eliminating all middlemen and passing on all benefits to the end customer :)

What we Offer :

  • Lowest Customized Tailoring Rates
  • Contemporary designs
  • Best Shipping Rates
  • Personal Assistance
  • Easy DIY measurement guide and concierge
  • 15-days Delivery
  • International Customer Assistance and Concierge

Selecting Type of Fit & Size Measurements :

  • SKINNY FIT - Skinny fit features little to no excess fabric and sharp lines to create a fashion-forward and modern look. We keep 2 inches margin/losing in Skinny Fit Clothing.
  • SLIM FIT - As the name suggests, the slim fit is a style that is closely fitted to the body with a small amount of excess fabric, thus creating a sharp, trim look. We keep 3 inches margin/losing in Slim Fit Clothing.
  • COMFORT FIT - Comfortable in feel and unfettered in design, this comfort-fit suit type provides breathability without resorting to a loose or unkempt aesthetic. We keep 4 inches margin/losing in Comfort-Fit Clothing.
  • We have an Easy DIY Measurement Toolkit to help you understand and carry out the whole measurement process in simple steps. You can fill this before/ after placing your order with us.

International Customer Assistance and Concierge :

You can reach out to us over Email (, Whatsapp/ Call/ Telegram (@+91-7289833838) or you can schedule an Expert Help session.

Our Expert Help sessions are designed to provide one-to-one, personalized, consultative help to you regarding our Products & Services. Click here to schedule a 15 minute session at a time of your choice :)

Shipping Policy :

  • By default, we have mentioned INR 3000/- as the shipping charges for all international Orders. However, shipping charges are subject to change depending upon your location and weight of your ordered Products. We will need you to pay additional Shipping charges incurred (if any) if they exceed INR 3000/-. We will refund you any excess amount if the shipping charges incurred in your shipment are less than INR 3000/-. Our team will get in touch with you and help you out with the same after you have placed your order :)
  • We use Air Parcel service of India Post for all overseas shipments. Normal Delivery time is 6-14 working days. However, we make no commitments regarding the delivery time. Order may get delayed beyond this period due to unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes, there might be a delay in delivery of your orders due to Customs.

 International Shipping Advisory :

  • We advise all our Overseas patrons to Order in bulk to reduce the Shipping expenses. For instance, if shipping charges for a 1-Kg parcel to USA are INR 1740/- while shipping charges for a 5-Kg parcel could be INR 3640/- only. These are exemplary charges only and are subject to change as per the norms of Indian Postal Services.
  • Add a Trouser, T-shirt or Shirt to your order of Jodhpuri Suit at no- additional shipment cost.
  • Please use the guide below to calculate shipping charges on combination of products.

Calculating International Shipment Charges (Approx.)

You can calculate estimated Shipping Charges applicable on your Order from the Official India Postal Services Website. Please follow these simple steps below to get an estimate of your shipping charges :)

Steps to follow : 

  1. Go to India Postal Services Website.
  2. Select International mode in Type of Service category.
  3. Select the destination country from the Send To Country Drop down list.
  4. Select Parcel from Article Details drop down list.
  5. Enter the Weight of the shipment in grams. Make a list of all the products you wish to Order and add their weight from the Product Weight List below to get your Shipment Weight.
  6. Enter Dimensions (length x breadth x height) of your parcel in cms. You can use 30 x 20 x 3 for calculation if your shipment weighs less than 2000 grams. For shipments weighing more than 2000 grams, use 40 x 30 x 10 as dimensions.
  7. Select Merchandise from Article Type and click on Get Available Services.
  8. Select Parcel.
  9. Enter the captcha and click on Get Price. That's All ! You will get estimated Shipping Charges applicable for your Order :)
Product Weight List (for Shipping Charges Calculation) - 
  • Shirt / T-Shirt - 300 grams
  • Breeches / Trousers - 450 grams
  • Half-Jacket - 800 grams
  • Full Jacket - 2500 grams
  • Achkan - 4000 grams
  • Beret Cap - 200 grams
  • Monogram - 100 grams
  • Kurta Pajama - 800 grams
  • Kurta - 400 grams
  • Kamarbandh - 300 grams
  • Bejeweled Buttons 1 set - 300 grams
  • Crossbelt - 700 grams
  • Kantha / Mala / Sarpech - 400 grams